General Information

Policies and Procedures

A detailed description of the constitution of the NPCP, all policies and procedures related to the development, issuance, maintenance and value of the credential, and all procedures related to the construction and review of the certification exam.
Passing Standard Study Report 

The report that identifies the systematic process used to determine the cut‐off score that separates passing examinees from failing examinees. A high‐quality examination must have a defensible passing score.
Job Task Analysis

The final report of a process used to identify the knowledge and skills necessary for competent practice in a profession and serves as a blueprint for examination development.
Exam Statistics

A yearly report of exam performance including the number of individuals testing, passing percentages, and psychometric measures related to the items that make up the various exam forms.
Scope of Practice 

One of three documents that delineate appropriate behaviors of a NPCP certificant. The Scope of Practice establishes the teacher’s professional boundaries specific to their professional role.
Code of Ethics 

One of three documents that delineate appropriate behaviors of a NPCP certificant. The Code identifies ethical parameters for the teaching of the Pilates method.
Exam Development

In order to construct a content‐valid examination with a defensible passing score, development must include three important steps: role delineation study, item writing, and passing point determination.
Fairness and Accommodation

As an accredited certification program, the NPCP must address fairness and non-bias throughout all aspects of the program’s functions. Fairness is addressed in test accessibility, delivery, and exam development.